La Raya is the highest point of the Cusco Puno route (4 338 m.a.s.l.), this place is the limit between the regions of Cusco and Puno, from this point it is possible to see part of Bomboya snowy that is part of the Andes mountain range, many scholars indicate that between These mountains are born the sacred river of the Incas El Vilcanota, which crosses the entire region of Cusco.

In the Incas time the communication routes were of vital importance, they built roads that united the entire Inca territory, and one of them was the great Inca Trail from Cusco to the Qollasuyo (nowadays the Bolivian Peruvian Highlands), they used this route for the trade of products between these regions and the big Inca city in this route was Raqchi Cusco, as well as for the expansion of their domains by sending armies to conquer new regions of the highlands.

We can also see different local artisans who offer their products to all visitors, a large part of their products are made of alpaca because in this place the only means of subsistence is the cattle raising of South American auquénidos.

Do not forget if you have on your travel route to La Raya and the bus stops, down and enjoy the landscape of the Andes that join two amazing regions such as Puno landscape, festivities, History and Cusco History Festivals Weather.