Raqchi is an archeological site located in the district of San Pedro, in the province of Canchis, within the region of Cusco, Raqchi is the largest Inca archeological site located in south part of Cusco in the Route Cusco to Puno, it is also known as the temple of Wiracocha God.

In this place you can see immense constructions such as the temple of Wiracocha god which is a construction in which the central bases are beautifully carved stone and on them are the mud and straw constructions have an approximate 11 meters of height.

The new Research affirms that this place was an immense workshop for the manufacture of fabrics based on alpaca, llama and Vicuñas fiber, and they indicate that the Wiracocha temple was located in another place near the ritual sources.

Raqchi colcas were desposit places for food products, clothes and weapons, they are in a number of 120 to 200 colcas, it is the area which has the largest number of colcas and possibly fulfilled an important function in the social aspect because at If there was some type of drought or a natural disaster, the food in the colcas supplied them in that emergency and military because the armies that moved from one place to another could stock up in this place.

The sources had a ritual function because for the Incas the purification before performing any type of ceremony were of vital importance, and an agricultural function, because the water was channeled to the platforms and agricultural areas.

In addition to all these places we can appreciate beautiful enclosures dedicated to their deities, streets where sometimes the lords of these lands walked, who respected nature and lived in harmony, Raqchi belongs to Cusco and these are Cusco useful Information.